My physiotherapist will use a little machine with wires that will take my pain away in seconds. WRONG

Machines and devices are used only for a reason as part of the treatment package. Treatment is always based on exercise and movement. 

My physiotherapist will crack my neck and back to treat my disc. WRONG

Manipulation and cracking has very little and short term effect, there are too many other successful and safe techniques that could help your spine problems

My physiotherapist will cure me in 20 sessions. REALLY.

The number of sessions (except with very few cases) needs a maximum of 6-8 sessions and you must feel improvement throughout the course of treatment if you follow the treatment plan as advised by your physio.  

Our expert team will use evidence-based assessment and treatment approaches to get you moving


Back and neck pain

Disc problems

Neck and back pain

Neck and back stiffness  

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Joints problems

Runners's knee

Shoulder pain and stiffness

Ankle sprains

Hip Pain and clicking

Tennis elbow

Joint arthritis



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women's health

Pregnant women's health

Post-delivery reshaping programs

Urinary incontinence rehabilitation

Cesarean section strength booster


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Neurological Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation 

Spinal cord injuries  

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