"Movement is the best pain killer''
We will get you moving 
Welcome to Primephysio Clinics. Like all physiotherapists we mobilize joints, manipulate necks and backs, but we are also experts in MOVEMENT THERAPY  a unique model of assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. We believe in empowering our patients to become healthier versions of themselves using non-invasive treatments and lifestyle modifications. When patients come to us in pain, it is our mission that we can develop an effective treatment plan that will not only eliminate the pain but establish a foundation for a lifetime of wellness. In addition, physical therapy, manual therapy, and Pilates rehabilitation can also be a part of an ongoing wellness plan designed to prevent injuries and promote neuromusculoskeletal health. For more information about the benefits of physical therapy and manual therapy or how you can schedule a consultation with us, continue exploring our website or call us today!        Read More

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